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Simply Madcap

A little crazy,

a little unconventional

but totally focused on YOUR success.

We’re Simply Madcap.

4 women who wear a few extra hats.



Community member.


Sound familiar?


You have a brilliant vision. One that will change your life, your family’s life, and the lives of your potential clients.

And then life happens.

There’s probably bodily fluids involved.

And something coming in your house that shouldn’t be there (likely an animal, but it could take another form)

Surely unexpected guests.

A school project no one told you about.
That’s due tomorrow.

And these people running around like madmen in your sanctuary… er… home? 

They have to eat.

They have to rest.

They have an absurd amount of laundry that only you know how to do.

And you care about their happiness, too.


We’re here for you. 

Yep, you.

The mom/business owner/zoo director. 

We’re here to support you on YOUR journey. 

We’re business women/moms/wives/friends,

but we’re women first. 

And we get the chaos. 

We understand how much life can interfere with business,

But we also understand how well life can complement business. 

And we want to help you discover that too.

So click around, learn more, ask questions, get involved,

And let’s turn YOUR dream (no matter how madcap it may be) into a reality.

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